Strategy Division


In recent years, countries have been fighting for leadership roles in the international community and supremacy in various fields like economics, trade, military affairs, and national security. In this rapidly changing international community, as can be see with the rise of advanced technologies like AI, IoT and 5G, how can Japan become a leader? Also, we must consider how Japan can cooperate and collaborate with China, Southeast Asia, and other Asian countries in general.

For example, in response to Japan’s lagging digital transformation, known in Japan as the “2025 digital cliff”, we’re collaborating with the Asia Pacific IT Human Resource Support Association to help Japanese companies solve their IT staff shortages. (See In doing this, our goal is to help contribute to Japan’s digital transformation.

Also, Trive can proudly boast that we have top advisors and experts from a variety of markets on our team. With this accumulated know-how, we primarily provide consulting services to private institutions in the public and financial markets, with a focus on management strategy and business/operational design and improvement.


We place great value on the “spirit of manufacturing.” As such we are committed to manufacturing products that accurately meet project requirements, while also forming alliances with factories around the world.
We specialized in,

  • brand conscious product planning,
  • design and quality assurance that products will meet the project’s requirements and the business’s needs,
  • production management to reduce supply chain risks,
  • and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Recently, in conjunction with a factory in Shenzhen, China, we completed a large-scale order for a government agency to deliver 4,000 custom server racks. We also worked with them to deliver various computer supplies (30,000 keyboards, mouses, tablet cases, screen protectors, and security wires) to a company in the financial industry.


Digital transformation is advancing a wide range of fields worldwide, including the government, who’s putting services online. It’ll affect everyone! As such, we understand that the key to success with digital transformation isn’t only system development, but also supporting the development of the users’ IT literacy.

DX Coordinate Division

Creative Solutions

We support digital transformation efforts with creative system development solutions.

  • We can offer a wide range of proposals for web services, such as websites, e-commerce, reservation systems, and business management for native applications.
  • We also offer managed services for the maintenance and operation of your system, allowing you to rely on us for all your system needs.
  • Our services also include video production, Youtube/social media management, and video content distribution on Amazon Prime.

On a technical level, we’re always updating our technology.
We are proactively proposing and introducing the use of new emerging technologies like Vue, React, Front-end serverless+CDN, PWA (Service Worker/ Web Push), the Go language, Elasticsearch, and Electron.

System integration

We specialize in system development projects where we cooperate with our system integration partners for large scale projects that require large amounts of staff over long periods of time, like core system renewal projects.

In addition to making use of the latest technology and development methods, our development team, including the project managers, leaders, and PMOs, have a thorough understanding of the market and how it operates, allowing us to face the challenge of these large-scale projects.

Marketing Division

The way services are delivered in our digital society changes day-to-day. Because of this, we believe it’s important to work on the front line, in order to conduct market research, design marketing strategies, and develop PR and sales strategies.

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